This Man Build a Cottage for Under £4000 With His Own Two Hands

Whenever Steve James expects guests he always eagerly awaits them on the window. He wants to catch the look on his friend’s faces when they see his house for the first time. Read on to find out about Steve’s Woodworking Story, his own House and where you can find Woodworking Plans yourself.

Steve James’s house is as if it was torn out of the pages of some old children’s book. It’s made out of straw and the roof is made of turf and covered in flowers. Steve is very committed to being eco friendly and his house is his masterpiece. A cedar that blew over in Glasgow Park is now his kitchen and on the side he has a Moroccan marbled shower room. The heat in his home comes from a log burning stove, placed right next to two sofas and his bed is not that far away, almost hidden in a gallery. To be as eco as he can, Steve made also a compost Toilet and a rainwater filtration system. All of this cost him only £4000 and he is sure it can be done for less. He admits he didn’t cut the wood himself and used the services of the sawmill.

One would think that such a house would need a lot of maintenance and unstoppable work, but it’s quite the opposite. The best thing about having a turf roof is that it’s repairing itself, and Steve’s only work is to put lime on the walls every year or so. The only downside for now is the lack of power. This problem has been solved thanks to a car battery, which is charged once in awhile by Steve’s partner Eli. But next year the power problems will be long gone, since James is planning to build a water wheel.

What might surprise you is that Steve is a 52 year old software engineer, who made his money many years ago and now enjoys a live in nature. He admits that saving money and the planet are great, but they were responsible only for the initial buzz. Now as he sits in his warm cottage and looks how the snow is flying by his window he knows that all his work was worth it. Living in the house he crafted with his own hands is a uniquely satisfying feeling. And his work was hard, but not that long. People might think that this project takes years, but in fact the cottage was built in only 10 months.

Steve is convinced that anyone can build his own house. In his opinion wood is the perfect material for beginners and are very easy to work with. The best thing is that you can shape your house any way you want. James urges everyone to try and build their own house and live more eco friendly.

If you would rather go a little more simple and modern, we recommend checking Youtube, where you can find over 1200 Amazing Shed Building Tutorial Videos. Some even provide detailed material lists – and of course they show you how exactly everything is built. You do not need to go all the way like Steve – an amazing looking Shed in your garden to store tools. It can also easily function as a fun escape for the kids in summer nights, or as a guest house if it is furnished more. Here is an example of such a building project:



If you prefer specific Woodworking and Shed tutorials with written plan instead of a video we can recommend several free online resources which are publishing such plans. Two examples are Popular Woodworking , and Cut the Wood. You can build almost anything imaginable and let your creative freedom out.