About us

Today people tend to forget that once you owned only what you made by yourself. In our days we can get everything we desire with 2 clicks with the mouse and for some amount of money. We tend not to look for quality, because we already know, that whenever we buy something it will undoubtedly have some small problem or it will break and become unusable in one or two years. Yet we are prepared to pay time after time to buy new stuff instead of making them by ourselves.

Most people don’t like the fact that they pay so much for so little, but they prefer to buy the thing they need rather than making it on their own, because they find it difficult and time consuming. But what if we tell you that building your own stuff, being able to craft masterpieces from wood and becoming a relatively good woodworker is actually not that hard. Now it’s even easier with us by your side.

Hello we are Craft With Ease Project – a non-profit organization with sole goal to help you to make your life easier and to assist you whenever you decide to be sufficient. We think that every person should be able to create his own stuff, and relay on the others only when he or she can’t manage alone. The consumerism in our society is making us lazy and in terms this is leading do depression and inferiority complex.

Our aim is to help you create your own stuff, to provide you with information, blueprints, instructions, and everything you’ll need to create what you desire. We will help you become creative, and you will be able to craft with ease everything you wish. We will provide you with information of the tools you need and we will show you the way to be self-sufficient.

In our website you will find everything you need to become a creative and productive member of society.