10 or so Basic Tools Every Woodworker Needs to Have in His Shed

Are you sick of going to the furniture shop and see the same boring designs you see in every home? Do you want to have unique tables, shelves and other furniture, that corresponds with your personality, and not with the personality of some machine that carved some wood into your furniture? Well, all you need is some free time, some imagination and a lot of dedication to become an awesome woodworker. You can create everything you dream of from wood. This is not just a hobby to waste your Saturdays on, this can be something much more if you want to. You can actually make some pretty good furniture and if you want to, you can sell it for some pretty good money.

Now if you just realized your passion for woodworking, than you’ll need some solid advice before you start this wonderful journey of creativity and beauty. The most important thing for any woodworker is his basic tools set. Notice that I say “Basic”, not “Beginners”. That’s because you’ll need those tools as long as you make woodwork.  Keep in mind that this won’t be your only tool kit, and those exact tools won’t be your only ones, but those are the ones that you can’t do without. This is just the core set that will be handy for every project you take.

Hand saw. This should go without saying. You need a saw to cut wood. Now there are many types of saws, most of which you will buy in time, but for starters you will need a simple plane saw, just so you can cut big pieces of wood into smaller ones. This is a great tool even when you go shopping. If there are some boards too big for your car, you can always cut them with this light and easy to carry tool. If you don’t have it already, you can find one in every hardware store.

Jigsaw. As long as we are talking about cutting, you should definitely equip yourself with a nice jigsaw. You will use this tool to cut curves and give uniqueness to your woodworking. The one thing you should remember about  jigsaws and woodworking is that you always have to choose the right blade for the particular wood. This is the most common mistake of rookie woodworkers. To help you I can give you two general rules, that will help you to determine which is the right blade for the job.  The first thing you should remember is that wider blades are for long straight cuts. If you want to cut curves, you should reach for the narrow blades. The second thing you should keep in mind is that blades with fewer but larger teeth cut faster, but they produce a rough surface full of splinters. On the other hand if you are looking for a nice, clean smooth surface, you need a blade with more, but smaller teeth.

Circular Saw. This is another power tool that you will need. There are many people that think that the circular saw is a carpentry tool, and it has no place in fine woodworking, but they couldn’t be more wrong. When used properly the handheld circular saw can be as valuable as a table saw. It will help you save a lot of money on wood thanks to the straight, clean cuts it makes. That way you can use exactly as much wood as you need, and to put aside the leftovers for later.

Router and at least two router bits. You will use the router to straighten the edges of your board or to shape it the way you need. In the process of woodworking you will buy a lot of router bits but for starters you will need just a straight cut bit and a flush trimming bit.

Power jointer and thickness planer If you want to make a really great furniture, you should know that all boards you use should be flatten. The best way to do this is to buy a power jointer. That way you can go through this boring part faster, and get to the more interesting woodwork. Same goes for the thickness planer. It can also save you some valuable time when you are starting a project.  The one thing you should remember is that there are no such thing as jointer planer. The planer cuts off the face of the lumber, and the jointer cuts off it sides. That’s why you need both.

Power drill. This is again one of those tools that should go without saying. When you are buying a power drill be sure to take a corded one. That’s the only tricky thing. Sure the cordless drills are portable, and well, there is no cord to get in the way, but the corded ones are more powerful and versatile. You want to buy a power drill with at least a 3/8’’ chuck. A 1/2’’ chuck won’t hurt, but the 3/8’’ one is imperative.

Chisels and a wooden mallet. Do I really need to explain why you need them?

Random orbital sander. This is one of the most important power tools any woodworker should have. Be sure to take the random orbital sander, and not palm sanders, because the random one doesn’t sand in patterns, because it uses random sanding motion. Any random orbital sander will do the trick. For smoothing all surfaces you will need also rasps, files, block and smoothing plane

Those are the most important things you will need in your woodworking hobby. Of course don’t forget the workmate, puttering bench and clamps. You will also need some more materials, you probably already have, like a hammer, some screwdrivers, a combination square and a tape measure, some crayons, pencils, knives and an awl.

If you are just entering the wonderful world of woodworking you should remember one rule, that’s above all – “Measure seven times before you cut once”.  Woodworking needs patience and dedication. You always need a plan, before you start cutting.